Testing Services for EMU Students & Alumni (and Community CLEP Testers)

IF YOU ARE NOT AN EMU STUDENT OR ALUMNUS and you need to take a DSST, MAT or proctored test, you will schedule your test through the Academic Support Center at EMU. See Community Testing Page

Please read through entire page carefully to ensure thorough understanding of EMU’s testing process


EMU offers computer-based testing services for CLEP, DSST, and MAT. The ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview by Computer (OPIc) is available to test 10 foreign languages (Arabic, English, French, German, Korean, Mandarin, Pashto, Persian Farsi, Russian and Spanish) and the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) is available to test 34 foreign languages not currently offered by OPIc or CLEP (Spanish, German, French). Proctoring services are also available for students taking a web-based or paper-based test from another university. All ADCP students must receive test choice approval through , ADCP Assessment Counselor. IEP students should be at an advanced level 6 prior to taking tests.


There is only one testing computer for computer-based tests. Time slots fill up quickly and well in advance, particularly near the end of the semester. Schedule your test early, especially if you need the credits to graduate. Education majors should schedule tests prior to student teaching. Students are responsible to see that they wait at least 3 months (CLEP) (for tests taken after October 17, 2014; tests taken before this date cannot be repeated for 6 months) or 3 months (DSST) before requesting to repeat a test not passed on the first attempt. Test times: CLEP 1.5 hours, DSST 2 hours, MAT 1 hour, OPIc 40 minutes, OPI 20-30 minutes.


CLEP: $80 (pay test fee in advance & bring registration ticket) + $25 EMU proctoring fee ($50 proctoring fee for Community Testers)
DSST: $80 (credit card when starting test) + $25 EMU proctoring fee
MAT: $75 + $25 EMU proctoring fee ($100 combined total to EMU)
ACTFL OPIc: $70 (pay test fee in advance) + $25 EMU proctoring fee
ACTFL OPI: $134 (pay test fee in advance) + $25 EMU proctoring fee
Proctored Tests: $25 proctoring fee per test

Proctoring Fees may be paid in advance online: (Students/Alumni / Community CLEP Testers) or you may bring cash or check (to EMU) when you take your test. All proctoring fees must be paid prior to or when starting test. EMU student accounts may not be charged for test fees.

What to Bring

A valid government issued photo ID with signature (driver’s license, passport), a second form of ID (second government issued photo ID, student ID), registration ticket (for CLEP) or credit card for DSST test fees, and all proctoring fees (check or cash) not paid in advance. CLEP testers, please review for additional information.

Scrap paper and pencils are provided. Check test sites below to determine whether additional items are needed for your test.

Test Subject Options, Information, and Study Resources


*Additional Study Resources

CLEP & DSST: InstantCert, Free CLEP Prep
CLEP: Speedy Prep Free CLEP Practice Questions, DOME CLEP Prep
MAT: MAT Practice Tests
OPIc: OPIc Familiarization Manual
OPI: OPI Familiarization Manual
*No one study resource will have exact test questions or prepare you fully for a test – test questions are updated regularly and you are expected to know a semester’s worth of course material vs. just memorizing a set of questions and answers.


Available CLEP, DSST, MAT, OPIc & Proctored testing slots are shown below (for EMU students/alumni and community CLEP testers only). Contact (540-432-4131) to register. Register Online for OPIc and OPI (apply for ACTFL test, search by Eastern Mennonite University, select and follow instructions) – please contact to reserve three possible test dates/times prior to registering for an OPI.

Directions & Contact Information

Eastern Mennonite University, University Commons, Weaver Wellness Suite
1307 Park Road, Harrisonburg, VA 22802

Additional: The University Commons has a large balcony over main entrance on Park Road. Street number is under balcony and above doors. You may park anywhere in the University Commons parking lot, go in main entrance and up to second floor (contact if you need a parking pass). Weaver Wellness Suite is 1/2 way back the track toward the fitness center. An elevator is available near entrance if needed.


EMU offers 3 credit hours for all passed tests except foreign language tests in which additional credit is offered based on score:

  • All students who achieve a score of “Intermediate Low” or higher on the ACTFL OPIc or OPI will satisfy their foreign language Core Curriculum requirement.
  • Students who score “Intermediate Mid” or higher on the OPIc or OPI will earn 6 SH credit. Students who score “Intermediate Mid” will receive 6 SH elementary credit. Students who score “Intermediate High” or above will receive 6 SH intermediate credit.
  • Students who pass the CLEP will receive 6 SH of either elementary or intermediate credit according to their scores and will satisfy their foreign language Core Curriculum requirement.

Credit will not be awarded if a student has had a previous college course (credit or audit) with similar content. If uncertain, check with the Registrar’s Office.

CLEP/DSST credit may satisfy a requirement in an EMU major or minor only by departmental approval (except pre-approved Teacher Education substitutions). All course substitutions need to be pre-approved by the respective Department Chair – utilize CLEP/DSST Approval for Course Substitution Form.

A maximum of 30 credits earned through testing may be applied toward a degree. This includes credit earned by exam, CLEP/DSST/OPI, Advanced Placement (AP), and any other testing program the university chooses to recognize. Individual programs may have more specific criteria. An exception to the maximum will apply for up to 36 nursing credits earned by testing through Excelsior College, Albany, NY. Students in the traditional undergraduate program may apply testing credit toward EMU Core requirements in two areas only: writing (AP) and foreign language (AP, CLEP and OPI). Students in the Adult Degree Completion Program may use approved testing options to meet EMU Core requirements where appropriate equivalents have been identified.

Recommendations from the American Council of Education (ACE) are used to determine a passing score on each exam. Tests are recorded on the EMU transcript with a “pass” grade if the appropriate score is reached. Nothing is recorded on the transcript if a passing score is not received.